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Ad Category >> Electric Motor Kits
Cyclone 360 Watt Bicycle Motor Kit

Cyclone 360 Watt Bicycle Motor Kit

Kit Specifications:

Included Parts:
  360W Motor w/ Controller, Gearbox & 14T Freewheel Sprocket

  Motor Mounting Bracket w/ Spacers & Bolts
  44 Tooth Freewheeling Chainwheel
  Bottom Bracket Spindle
  Left & Right Crank Arms - 170mm
  Twist Grip Throttle
  2ea. Handlebar Grips
  2ea. Brake Handles w/ Motor Cutoff Switch
Note that batteries are sold separately.

  Battery Connecting Harness
The 360 watt kit is your best choice for low cost and maximum range on level ground or low to medium grades. Because it uses the bike's rear gears, this 360w motor will outperform hub motors of equal or larger size.  Under typical conditions, the 360 watt motor can drive 20" folding bikes up to 20 mph and 26" bikes at 25+ mph on level ground. At crusing speeds, the motor will draw about 10-15 amps so it can be powered with relatively small batteries.

Using 2 of our 12v 18Ahr SLA batteries with this kit we have been able to average about 20 miles (level ground no pedaling).  Recommended for higher performance are our 24v 15ah LiFePO4 or our 24v 20ah LiFePO4 batteries.  In our tests, the average speed was maintained between 13 and 18mph.  Higher speeds and/or hilly terrain will reduce range from 20% to 50%. 

The kit is easily mounted on most diamond frame bikes with the supplied mounting hardware.  The is supplikit ed with all parts listed above - batteries must be ordered separately.  Motor rotates CW.  Shipping weight approx. 13 lbs.