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05/20/2015Gas Bikes
The Jake Bike Motorized Bicycle
 This is our namesake and our best selling motorized bicycle! simple. refined. this straight-forward model comes in 21 different color combos and 3 pa...
1094Ad #16097 
05/20/2015Gas Bikes
Boardwalk Empire Motorized Bike
Our deluxe motorized bike is the Boardwalk Empire. It features the Skull X Bones "Downtown" frame, ape hanger bars, springer fork, silver Jet 66cc 2 s...
1132Ad #16098 
Speed Racer Engine
Tired of being at the back of the pack? wanting some zip in your Zap?! This 6 hp beauty comes with a ported cylinder, Billet aluminum high compression...
1263Ad #16099 
Fire Breather Top End Power kit
Bolt on power like no other! Proven to blow away the Fred-head products.  This Complete kit will work on any 66cc engine, so please specify which manu...
1461Ad #16100 
Jakebike Build 2014 GT2 Skyhawk all aluminum
2014 GT2 Skyhawk all aluminum, in-frame tank, HD wheels and tires. race engine with competition pipe, downhill forks. this bike is light and quick . 4...
1182Ad #16101 
Jakebike Build Noahs Block Hopper
Noahs Block Hopper. the jakebike with triple tree forks and a ferrari paint scheme. document.write('\x3Cscript type="text/javascript" charset...
1145Ad #16103 
Jakebike Build Jake's Personal Skyhawk Racer
Jake's Personal Skyhawk Racer This bike aint for sale, but we do build them, as you can see in the blackhawk photo above. Silver Eagle engine. Roughly...
1205Ad #16106 
Jakebike Build GO ARMY
GO ARMY! this "Jakebike" Baller package has it all. race engine, mikuni, and Jakes Customs pro Racing Pipe. This bike is too fast.  Good thing a Sheri...
998Ad #16102 
Jakebike Build The Bruiser
The Bruiser. FFFFAAAAAASST. "holy cow", "aye carumba", "OMG", come to mind. this jakebike "Baller" package is a screamer. document.write('\x3...
1023Ad #16107 
Jakebike Build Blue Midnight
Blue Midnight   GT2 frame, 66cc silver eagle race engine, dual disc brakes. RST Cannondale 1.5" 27" forks document.write('\x3Cscript type="t...
1259Ad #16109 
Jakebike Build The Black Hawk
The Blackhawk GT2-A in flat black. 9lb Aluminum frame. top tube is the fuel tank. 66cc GT-5 engine. Felt springer front forks, Dual Avid disc brakes,...
1071Ad #16104 
Jakebike Build The Big Mac
Jake's 200cc Four stroke. The Big Mac. This bike was a project and a half.  document.write('\x3Cscript type="text/javascript" charset="utf-...
1093Ad #16110 
Jakebike Build The Boardwalk Empire Ratrod Style
The Boardwalk Empire "baller" package in Ratrod style. race engine & pipe, front disc, all the fixins! document.write('\x3Cscript type="text/...
1039Ad #16105 
Jakebike Build The Easter Basket
The Easter Basket! document.write('\x3Cscript type="text/javascript" charset="utf-8" src="http://adn.ebay.com/cb?programId=1&campId=533769792...
1111Ad #16111 
05/20/2015Gas Bikes
Jakebike Build Basic Skyhawk Flat Black
Basic Skyhawk. flat black, HD chains, Front disc, triple tree forks, sins hardware. document.write('\x3Cscript type="text/javascript" charset...
1138Ad #16108 
Jakebike Build
Pacific Blue JakeBike bones model document.write('\x3Cscript type="text/javascript" charset="utf-8" src="http://adn.ebay.com/cb?programId=1...
1170Ad #16112 

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