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05/18/2016Electric Bicycles
High-Performance Powerful Aries
Conquer your ride with the high-performance, powerful Aries. From the high hills to local streets, the world is yours when you’re atop this powerful...
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05/13/2016Electric Bicycles
RadMini electric folding fat bike
The RadMini is the first and only electric folding fat bike with heavy duty front and rear cargo racks and a powerful 750 watt 48 volt power system....
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05/03/2016Electric Bicycles
New GeoOrbital Wheel Prototypes for 2016
 NOW LIVE ON KICKSTARTER - After thousands of miles of testing we are psyched to release a new generation of GeoOrbital ele...
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04/22/2016Electric Bicycles
Ford e-Bikes
MoDe:Flex packs an electric motor and battery into its frame and can fold down to be stored and charged in any new Ford vehicle. ...
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04/22/2016Electric Bicycles
Kosynier handmade retro ebike
Kosynier gives you an amazing number of possible ways the bike can be built just for you. Our frame allows a modular construction of the bike depend...
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04/19/2016Electric Bicycles
Zeitgeist Beta Electric Bike
Electric bicycles aren’t new, but neither was the electric car when tesla came along — and Zeitgeist thinks it can disrupt an industry, just as Tesla ...
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05/21/2015Gas Bikes
GIBSON Motorized Bike Kit
COMPLETE BIKE KIT: Lightweight Aluminum 26” Motorized Cruiser Bike with a quality 66cc/80cc 2-stroke EngineBehold, the beauty of this strong, light al...
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05/21/2015Gas Bikes
Complete Motorized Bike Kit 29 Huffy Cruiser Bike
 ‘Sir’ Classic is a dignified retro Black 29″ Beach Cruiser, with a Black 66/80cc Engine Combo sports a classic retro look while the 29″ wheels smoo...
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05/21/2015Gas Bikes
Retro Red Bobber Motorized Bike Kit
 Retro Red Bobber Motorized Bicycle Kit - Complete Bike Kit – includes everything but your tools. (built motorized bike is shown in matte black) This...
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05/21/2015Gas Bikes
Matte Black Bobber Motorized Bike Kit
 Matte Black Bobber Motorized Bicycle Kit Complete Bike Kit – includes everything but your tools. This 26″ Stretch-Frame beach cruiser and 66/80cc E...
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05/21/2015Gas Bikes
The 29er Motorized Mongoose Mountain Bike Kit
 29” Aluminum Mountain Bike & 66cc/80cc 2-stroke Engine Kit ComboQuality Black 66/80cc 2-stroke engine kit paired up with a Mongoose 29″ single speed...
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05/21/2015Gas Bikes
Patriot Motorized Bike Kit
 The Patriot 26″ Stretch Frame Motorized Bike KitRide with American pride in this military 26″ Stretch Frame beach cruiser with a 66/80cc Bike Engine...
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05/21/2015Gas Bikes
Stretched-Frame Stealth Motorized Bike Kit
 Complete Bike Kit: Fito Modena Sport Stretched-Frame & 66cc/80cc 2-stroke EngineBlack-on-Black 26″ Stretch-Frame beach cruiser and 66/80cc Engine Co...
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Manic Mechanic motorized bike motor mount 1-1/8
Manic Mechanic (Engine Mounts) 1_1/8", 1_1/4" and 1_1/2" Benefits: Easy, fast, secure, engine installation Eliminates, annoying, broken fasteners...
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05/21/2015Sprockets and Adapters
Manic Mechanic Sprocket Adapter
Authentic Manic Mechanic sprocket adapter, not a cheap copy! document.write('Order on Ebay');Order on Ebay...
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05/21/2015Sprockets and Adapters
Premium Aluminum Manic Mechanic Sprockets
 Precision CNC machined and de-bured, polished finish  Designed for 415 & 410 chains that come with most Chinese engine kits. They will also accept a...
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High Performance Intake Manifolds
Fits on most 48/66/80cc bicycle engine kits, it is designed for greater gas flow efficiency as well as an O-ring seal for a nice air tight fit that he...
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05/21/2015Electric Bicycles
Oasis ST Beach Cruiser ebike
 800-943-6190 Find A Dealer The long awaited Oasis Beach Cruiser eBike is now available and set to make waves! The USA built Oasis is an industry ...
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05/21/2015Electric Bicycles
Outlaw SS
800-943-6190 Find A Dealer The stunning ProdecoTech Outlaw SS, one of the first muscle e-bikes on the market, was born to become the newest American ...
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05/21/2015Electric Bicycles
Outlaw SE
800-943-6190Find A Dealer  Built with premium materials and technology, this elegant Pearl White Metallic version of our highly anticipated Prodeco...
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